100% Quality Replica Panerai Radiomir Venti “Paneristi” 45 mm PAM 2020

The six o’clock logo has problems on multiple levels. For one, it is huge, about one-third the diameter of the 100% Quality Panerai Replica Watch dial.

The logo and the rest of the dial are neatly finished. It is engraved with dark brown paint. Its execution fits the rest of the dial, which is wide and sparse, but avoid flattening.

Like many Panerai dials, it has a “sandwich” structure, which means that the hour markers are cuts on the upper dial, and the Super-Luminova lacquer on the lower dial appears in the form of cuts, making the luminous paint visible through the holes. Like other Cheap Panerai Replica dials, the logo is engraved at 12 o’clock and painted with white paint. This is a reference to Panerai’s pocket watches with the same function.

With a diameter of 45 mm, PAM 2020 is worn as big as any other Panerai – but that’s all. The watch is large, with bulbous crystals on it, but because the ears are small and small, the degree of wear is not as good as the diameter.

At first glance, Panerai Replica Watches marks the case as “bronze”. Paradoxically, it looks like a cross between matte and polished surfaces, but it matches well with the retro military style. Just like the dial, it has some retro vibes while still looking new, so avoid looking like an emotion.