100% Quality Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus And Aquanaut

Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut Replica are given new complications. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is adorned with a perpetual calendar and the Patek Philippe Aquanaut with a chronograph.

It is truly the first real great complication to appear in the Nautilus collection. Please note, I am not aiming to downgrade a Travel Time or an annual calendar, but let’s say that the perpetual calendar enhances everything.

The first thing that surprises you when you take the Patek Philippe Replica Watches in hand is its finesse. It weighs its weight in gray gold, of course, but the edge is only 8.42mm thick. The famous 5711 is 8.3mm, which makes it easy to compare.

At three o’clock, there is an indication of the month and leap year. Perpetual obliges. At six o’clock the indication of the day and the moon phase and finally at nine o’clock, the date and a 24-hour indicator. All these pleasing complications are resolved by correctors scattered around the middle.

Just like the Nautilus Swiss Replica Watches perpetual calendar introduces the first calendar of this type in the Nautilus collection, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut brings a chronograph in its ranks.