A Selection Of The Replica Omega Museum’s Private Collection

The Replica Omega Wristwatch Delivered to the Signal Corps. U.S.A., 1917

This specific replica watches connotes the imperative association in the middle of Omega and military watches. This specific chromed watch was worn by an individual from the military interchanges unit of the American expeditionary strengths that connected with the Allies amid WWI.

Replica  Omega Speedmaster, 1959

In 1959 the CK 2998 was presented. With the same gauge 321 development and redesigned Alpha hands, the CK 2998 was bought by Mercury space travelers “Wally” Schirra and “Gordo” Cooper in 1962 as their own watches. Moreover, it was worn by Schirra amid his Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, turning into the first Omega Speedmaster worn in space two years prior to NASA’s presently renowned tests.

Replica  Omega, “Centennial” of Leopold Godowsky, Jr., 1947

This watch was given to Leopold Godowsky, the inventor of the straightforwardness film Kodachrome, by his wife Ms. France Gershwin, sister of George and Ira Gershwin.

Replica  RAF Antimagnetic Wristwatch, 1953

The RAF model was outlined and delivered by strict RAF rules in 1953. Spearheading the antimagnetic innovation that would later be popularized in the Railmaster.

Replica  Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II, 1969

This model denoted the first overhaul of the excellent Speedmaster Moonwatch case, presenting a second era Speedmaster models.

Replica  JFK’s Omega Watch

This watch, model OT 3980, is extraordinary for evident reasons–- its JFK’s old watch. It likewise is to a great degree thin (2 mm) and was one of the flattest developments at the time. It was a blessing to JFK from one Fake Watches of his nearby companions, Grant Stockdale, in 1960 without a moment to spare for him to wear it for his inaugural discourse. As found in the photo over, the case back bears the etching “President of the United States John F. Kennedy from Friend Grant.