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Casio replica New Release

March 9, 2016 in Japan Casio replica brand in Shanghai, the famous “Shanghai Stadium” held in “SHOCK THE WORLD” theme of the grand conference, released a new Casio G-SHOCK series products in Asia and in the evening to join Jay Chou, Wilber many stars held CUG etc. Thanks concert. Casio replica watches G-SHOCK series of products in more than 30 years has been the advent of rugged and is known to be unique anti-shock technology and stylish design by consumers like.

The large-scale conference, the address selected in the Shanghai Stadium 8000-10000 people here can accommodate performances, showing the importance of the event Casio replica uk, Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse, and other well-known stars are beyond the band once held here Concerts meeting.

“SHOCK THE WORLD” is one of the Casio G-SHOCK brand’s activities, mainly brought together different elements sports, fashion, music, etc. is a major event in G-SHOCK Fans AC meeting, themed events all over the global launch for tokyo, Japan, he visited Germany after Berlin, Paris, New York and other fashion city.

Located at the entrance to the exhibition hall and the new ad hoc new Casio replica watches uk classic product display area.

The event launched by Jay personal brand MRJ signature G-SHOCK watch of course is another eye-catching protagonist “SHOCK THE WORLD” Shanghai station. Jay since his debut in the field of music creation achievements for all to see, are the same as with the G-SHOCK professional representatives in their respective fields, it can be called Master, the MR J and G-SHOCK watches signed jointly released a total of two, has GWG-100GB and GA-110GB two models, chose a MASTER oF G as well as a general model for the popular basis for more people to use. The choice has always been acclaimed black gold color, limited edition Jay in the back of the watch engraved special “MRJ” unique identifier back shell, while the watch box is designed to MRJ Unicorn Logo with SHOCK THE WORLD theme of creation, showing Jay Music and G-SHOCK watch cross-border ideas.

Casio G-SHOCK sea strong GWN-1000B-1B.

Casio G-SHOCK sea strong GWN-1000B-1A.

The new release FROGMAN GWF-D1000, retains all previous FROGMAN classic elements, and the first equipped with triple sensors can measure position, water temperature and depth. In addition, the swiss replica watches also has professionals demand a variety of functions, such as tidal information function, minimum water temperature and dive time memory function, more rapid floating alarm functions.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Executive Director Shigenori Ito scene said, G-SHOCK has been adhering to the pursuit of [tough] development concept, development of structure and function to respond to a variety of harsh environments, and evolving. And expounds Casio enterprises from “0 → 1” R & D approach and “create and contribute to” business philosophy.

Toru Tanaka, general manager of Casio (China) Co., Ltd. is to introduce the G-SHOCK performance in the Chinese market, and is located in Shanghai, the world’s largest G-SHOCK STORE

After the conference in the evening there will be G-SHOCK SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR concert theme, and finally an unprecedented scale again came to Shanghai together many Asian star Jay Chou, Pan, CUG like extreme sports world masters, outdoor professionals , the trend of opinion leaders, media people, G-sHOCK fans, a total of 8,000 people with sHOCK THE WOLRD, shock Shanghai! Show the bright and vibrant multicultural G-SHOCK.

On the day Casio also invited a globetrotter Gu Yue, non-powered sailing coach and obviously high wing mounted flight athlete Xu Kai, TEAM G-SHOCK members BMX Flatland world champion Yohei Uchino, Chinese street ball first person Miss You, snowboarder glass, respectively KOL from different fields went to the site to share with you the story between the G-SHOCK. Casio cheap replica watches is a lot of 80 after 90 after the meeting of youth, the first one has a lot of people watch while Casio G-SHOCK is representative of the high-end sports watch Casio has also been a lot of people like it, the new release of G-SHOCK series prices from 1990, the average Casio’s unique technology and design I believe will open even broader market.