Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Talks Minute Repeaters

You see this ad it shows a man wearing a white glove, his right hand holding a watch to his ear. The copy reads: “Of course, all minutes of the repeater’s acoustics must be tested. In our family watch company, the president does this.” The company is Cheap Patek Philippe Replica. The person holding the watch is CEO Thierry Stern.

In June, Stern visited New York, a two-day company’s transponder display, of which 10, representing the company’s almost all minute transponder models. In the interview with the Patek Philippe Replica office, the exhibition opened. First, he says advertising is accurate. He really personally approved the company sales of each repeater. If you complete the repeater while leaving the office, you must wait until he returns to get approval. “It’s always the case,” he said. “My father, even my grandfather, did it.”

It took him ten years or more to develop a good enough ear. “After ten years, I can say yes, this is a good voice, or the sound is weak, or you should change the diameter of the gong.Often I can know what the diameter of the gong is Patek Philippe Replica Watches.The sound should be glad to hear, do not be too fast, do not be too slow, and today I know when they are outside the border, maybe half a second … I can sometimes refuse a watch in 20 seconds. About 30% of his listeners to listen to.

Stern assesses many parameters: the intensity of the sound, Cheap Replica Watches which must be easy to hear, not strong; whether the gap between high and low gongs is refreshing; whether these ringtones occur at the correct rate, that is, whether they are evenly spaced, It will not be too fast nor too slow He will check the length of the suspension between a series of rings that tells hours, minutes and minutes whether it is correct. There are many subtle features that he must evaluate: the tone is rich enough? Are they decaying too fast or not fast enough? In the automatic winding movement, gong will make the rotor vibration, causing distress noise?

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There are some rules to achieve the best sound. In general, rose gold the best, followed by gold, platinum, platinum, and finally steel. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Sapphire back is better than solid metal; thin shells are very tough; almost no components of the action better, because they reduce the sound. “That’s why we say you have more complications and it’s harder to get a perfect sound because there’s no room for space,” Stern said.