A Record-Breaking Patek Philippe Replica Highlights Top 5 Watches

Friday at the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco in the second year of the Patek Philippe Replica auction. When the last hammering shot, the unique timepiece auction has raised € 566,000 for the study of rhododendron muscular dystrophy and Patek Philippe reference. 5004T auction won the highest price of modern watches to pay.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches is the first reference for titanium alloy case, is from around the world collectors and philanthropists between the fierce bidding. Its final price is staggering, a record 2.95 million euros. Refer to 5004, part of the Patek Philippe Merger Case from 1995 to 2011, is a manual wind chronograph, including Caliber CHR 27-70 Q, a Nouvelle Lémania base movement dedicated to Patek Philippe, Cheap Patek Philippe Replica The watchmaker added a second hand mechanism and a perpetual calendar. The “T” at the end of the reference number in this version indicates a unique titanium shell. Watches far more than the pre-sale of 400,000 to 600,000 euros.

The next highest number came to Richard Mille’s Tourbillon Prototype Yohan Blake, which was worn by Jamaica sprinter Yohan Blake during the 2012 London Olympics, and he won three medals. The Cheap Replica Watches is based on Richard Mille’s RM038 Tourbillon and has the color of the Jamaican flag. The watch is estimated to have reached the estimated 450,000 to 500,000 euros, but still sold at 350,000 euros. Laurent Ferrier vs. its Galet Classic Tourbillon Double SPIRALE. The movement of the watch in the center of the balance combines two head-to-tail mounted balance springs, which are developed to hold the center of the balance firmly on its shaft while also compensating for the effects of gravity. It has a steel, pebble-like shell, a spherical crown, and a sandy high-power enamel dial, mounted on a 18k gold medal, a pigeon’s tones and a painted badge in Monaco.

DeWitt Twenty-eight Eighth Advanced Jewelry Skeleton Tourbillon has a hollow tourbillon movement, movement DW8028s, manufactured by DeWitt inside. Its 43mm white gold case is set with 36 rectangular diamonds and 104 sparkling diamonds, and is equipped with DeWitt series of “royal pillar” pattern, side “Antiquorum once again supports the only Cheap Patek Philippe Replica auction beneficial to Duchenne muscular dystrophy research, Said Julien Schaerer, managing director of Antiquorum, Geneva. “We would like to thank all the participants for their success in the success of the fifth edition of the Only Observations and to help promote the awareness of this global debilitating disease.”

Luc Pettavino, president of the Monaco muscular dystrophy association, said: “Unique observation” is a very special project that means incredible cooperation with free will and goodwill. All this is a group of people who study the Patek Philippe Replica unity of rhododendron muscular dystrophy, united to give hope that “only watch 2013″ to achieve more than 5 million euros is the collective effort of all the generous participants. ”

Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic replica watches

replica watches

replica watches

The Luminor series of the pak hai sea always makes some people hate and hate each other. Love is the strong pillow case; Large dial around the table circle; These unique brand elements are always going to be addictive, with a combination of the ear and the use of a pressurized lever to protect the crown from accidental impact. Hate is the result of being too thin, and there is always a slight sense of incongruity with the heavy luminimeter.

And pei na sea Luminor Due to the emergence of this part is just for a person to bring the Gospel, the loyal to pei na sea Luminor watches the original classic aesthetics, than the original thin crust thickness was forty percent, and the interpretation of the organization at the same time in the light sea iconic watch works.

Luminor Due 45mm power storage automatic watch has two kinds of materials to choose from, AISI 316L fine steel and 18ct red gold. Home of wrist watch recently received the stainless steel (model: PAM00674), its exterior continuation of the earlier Luminor 1950 case design, and made some changes more contracted and fluent line, the thickness of the thinner, wear lighter and more joker.

Diameter of 45 mm watchcase all through polishing grinding, we can from the side the most intuitive feel the change in the thickness of the crust, only 10.7 mm thickness is absolutely suitable for any wrist, wear on the wrist can easily more income to the cuff, no barriers.

The classic canopy of the crown is also reduced in thickness and is more delicate and delicate in the sense of sight and touch.

Use pei na sea traditional sandwich structure dial, black dial using the sun’s radiation grain, using the rod-shaped time scale and digital display, set small seconds at 9 o ‘clock position, concise and easy to read. Ordinary luminous time scale are coated with phosphor coating on the hollow out the timing of, whereas pei na sea by way of adding a fluorescent layer dial panel, let the wrist watch luminous showed more obvious.

The pina sea crocodile strap adheres to strict standards and is superior to most wristwatch bands in terms of comfort. This watch is made with a pure black alligator strap with a natural texture. It is also equipped with a polished needle table buckle with a fine steel, and the outside is marked with “PANERAI”.

Equipped with p.4000 machine core, it is also the first automatic chain core equipped with eccentricity miniature pendulums, which is independently developed and produced by the panahai watch factory in noshatel. Using eccentric pendulum tuo technology make the thickness of the movement was significantly reduced, machine core thickness is only 3.95 mm, 31 mm diameter, movement is equipped with a large bridge plate, the micro sideway on two-way chain tuo and balance cock. The latter is equipped with double support, which is more secure and stable than the conventional single-supported cantilever plate. The supporting part contains two screws to adjust the upper and lower clearance of the balance wheel shaft. Two tandem clockwork boxes give it a power storage of at least three days. Horizontal grinding of the bridge board, blue engraving and tungsten alloy, its matte surface is decorated with relief.

For this wristwatch, we also used professional instruments to carry out the six-azimuth precision test with full strings. At the same time, in order to give you a reference, we select the most detailed man in the editing department to wear the wrist watch to take the shot, we can see the effect of the wrist.

Editor’s wrist is 15cm in circumference, the wrist watch is not heavy, and even if the diameter of the watch is 45mm still not abrupt, the wrist watch can easily be paid into the shirt.

Summary: it is fair to say that the Luminor Due series opens up a whole new chapter for the panahai sea, which is a reference to the inherent impression of roughness and movement. Its neat lines; Fluent appearance; The thinner and lighter watch case allows the wearer to enjoy an unprecedented new experience of elegance, light weight and fashion while enjoying the unique personality of the brand’s traditional wristwatch. The watch has been sold domestically, and the official domestic price is 75,500 RMB. The pina sea Luminor Due series has 42mm in addition to 45mm, as well as fine steel and red gold, with the pina sea P. 1000 manual chain.