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Patek Philippe Introduces the Ref. 5370P-011 Split-Seconds Replica Watches

The 5370P-001 is Replica Patek Philippe‘s second second hand chronograph, powered by an internal movement, which was previously equipped with a smaller, thinner and more expensive CHR 27-525 movement. ref. With a black Bulgari enamel dial, with Baogue numbers, giving it an excellent classic style. 5370P is welcomed by fans of the brand.

The original version is eye-catching because of its retro style, while the new version has a blue enamel dial, which is more modern. As a color that has been popular for two years, the new dial transforms the personality of the Cheap Replica watch into a more modern one.

The color is the same except for the original color. 5370P, the blue enamel dial is undoubtedly superb craftsmanship. On a dial with a dial base of 18k gold, coat the dial with enamel glass and then bake it in an oven to melt the enamel on the surface. Repeat this process until the desired color and thickness are obtained.

The Patek Philippe Replica dial function again uses the precious white 18k platinum numbers to add depth to the dial. These numbers, as well as the iron wire or leaf-shaped hands, add a touch of elegance to the originally relatively moving watch.

The model is a platinum case with a width of 41 mm and a height of 13.56 mm. Although the shape and details of the case give it a certain degree of sophistication, the 5370P does not wear out very little, which is rare in large 100% Quality Replica watches. Although the size is similar to the Lange Double Split, the model 5370P managed to get smaller.

The movement is also designed in an attractive way, with a slender and exquisitely shaped lever for the Patek Philippe Replica Watches mechanism, which adds to its delicate beauty. The highlight is the second hand mechanism in the middle of the movement, under a sharp bridge.