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The Patek Philippe Ref. 3940J Replica– A Classical Beauty Revisited

Patek Philippe is closely linked to the history of the perpetual calendar watch. A typical Cheap Patek Philippe perpetual calendar replica watch is elegant, classic, beautiful, and most importantly, the dial is balanced and clean.

Patek Philippe Ref. 3940J

One of the most admired perpetual calendar watches in modern watchmaking is the Patek Philippe Ref. 3940, which debuted in 1985. It was an era when perpetual calendar Replica Watches China were few and far between, and the popularity of mechanical watches was at a low ebb due to the rapid rise of quartz watches. Here we take a closer look at a rare early variant of the epic Patek Philippe Ref.3940J Perpetual Calendar, a gold watch born in complete defiance of the quartz crisis.

The Case, Dial, and Hands

Its dimensions are a purist’s dream come true: an elegant 36mm diameter and just 8.8mm thick. As you’d expect from a Patek Philippe 1:1 replica watch, the case design is very subtle. referee. The 3940J has plenty of curves from lug to lug, as well as a double-step concave bezel.

Another more subtle signature of the dial of the first series can be found in the Patek Philippe signature at 12 o’clock. Here, “GENÈVE” is written with an accented “È”, while the second series and later examples have no accent.

The perpetual calendar display layout at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock complements the Patek Philippe grade 1 replica watch signature at 12 o’clock. To mark the hours and minutes, handcrafted hour markers are used around the perimeter of the silver opal dial. The time is indicated by the central dauphin hand. The perpetual calendar display is instead indicated by leaf hands to minimize clutter.

Perhaps the most striking part of the dial is the chest moon phase display. The night sky is midnight blue and is decorated with gilded stars and moons, adding a poetic element to an otherwise “boring” complication. More than just a pretty face, the moon phase display is accurate to one day every 122 years.

The Movement

Part of this timepiece’s thinness is the Calibre 240Q – at just 3.75mm thick, the movement is pleasantly thin. This is mainly achieved through the partial integration of the Patek Philippe quality replica watch mechanism into the basic movement, as well as the use of a micro-rotor winding system that does not increase the height of the automatic movement. Equipped with a Gyromax balance wheel, the movement beats at a majestic 3 Hz frequency.

Proving the high finishing of the Calibre 240Q, the movement is stamped with the Geneva Seal. While Patek Philippe has now turned to the Patek Philippe Seal, old Patek Philippe movements still carry tantalizing relics of the past that collectors may find.

Open the back cover of the solid gold case, you can see the exquisite movement. The baseplate is glossy, the wheels have a satin finish, and even Côtes de Genève has been applied to the bridge, polished angles, black polished screw heads and jewel countersinks, gold-filled engravings, and more.


Perfect Cheap Patek Philippe Replica size, case design and dial layout, coupled with today’s iconic movement. The introduction of the Ref. 3940—especially the first mass-produced wristwatch—come at a time when the mechanical watchmaking industry was devastated by the advent of the quartz watch. This is Patek Philippe’s “Rage Against the Dying of Light” moment.

Fake Patek Philippe Watch is a thoroughly modern Patek Philippe watch with an eye-catching gradient dial and 41.3 mm case, the most legible perpetual calendar the Geneva brand has ever produced. It features an extremely intuitive online display of the day, date and month, as well as two separate windows for day/night and leap year indicators.