Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus 40th Anniversary Platinum Watch Hands-On

Patek Philippe Replica 5711 Nautilus is one of the hottest luxury sports watches around the steel. It is hard to get, usually the retail price, unless you want to spend a few years waiting list. Part of the reason is Patek Philippe said that only about 20% of its total watch production is steel, while in the steel model, 5711 Nautilus is only one of the watches produced by Patek Philippe Replica Watches. It also happens to use a small, balanced amount to solve this problem in order to prevent the market saturation. However, the watch shown here is not Nautilus steel, but in the end of 2016 Nautilus watch collection 40 years as a limited edition produced by the All White Reference 5711 / 1P.

In addition to it is a limited edition, the case and bracelet are completely 950 platinum, the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica also has diamonds. Using a rectangular cut diamond as an hour mark is a technique that I think when you obviously want to convey wealth, this technique is both elegant and masculine, and still under the radar. As I said, if you see this watch on someone’s wrist at a glance, given the appearance of the metal and blue dial, it is easy to be confused by the ordinary steel model.

I would like to solve some very important things that undermined the limited edition 5711 / 1P Patek Philippe Nautilus. Patek Philippe to share the image on the Cheap Replica Watches makes it look like on the dial “40 1976-2016” text large and very prominent. In fact, these images look ugly. However, in reality, this text is very subtle and more difficult to see in most lighting conditions. In most cases, you can not see the 40th anniversary of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary. This is really important because I think a lot of people think it’s a very big design error – just like Patek Philippe’s own marketing image. Once again, the lesson is that we should always hold the final reservation on the watch until we see it in person.

The interior of the 5711 Replica Watches is an attractive, built-in 324 S C automatic movement. With a lot of Patek Philippe’s internal technology, it is a very capable and reliable everyday wear. The campaign consists of 213 parts, running at 4Hz, Patek’s Spiromax balance wheel and about 40 hours of power reserve. It also happens to be a fairly high movement of only 3.3 mm thick. Features include time and seconds, of course date.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1P has a larger size, limited edition exclusive, and very simple precious material luxury, although it is clearly not designed for the masses. You can see the owner of the Patek Philippe Replica already worn and enjoy the platinum nautilus, including wear. This is a good thing, because I really do not like the idea of ​​people buying watches, just save them, which is particularly rare in the rare Patek Philippe model. These are items that are worn and appreciated on the wrist.