Patek Philippe Replica Perpetual Calendar Platinum Watches Hands-On

The calendar is one of the most rare and ideal complications in the watch, and few people are able to grasp the complications of Patek Philippe. After all, Patek Philippe in 1925 did launch the world’s first calendar watch. If not enough, they even invented the calendar 20 years ago, but we from the title. We are interested in today’s complications are perpetual calendar, and in 2016, we see the Patek Philippe Replica Watches is platinum.

Reference 5496 was first introduced in 2011, representing one of the Patek Philippe six permanent calendar references – the other is 5139,5140,5940,5159 and 5160. It highlights other perpetual calendar works, most people used to see the three sub-dial permanent calendar. In fact, just enter the “calendar” in Google Images, just calculate the number of typical three sub-dialing. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica permanent calendar 5496 watch is three sub-dial, that day, month, day, leap year.

You can see the month and day with two holes at 3 and 9 respectively. The date is indicated by a retrograde display within the dial. 12 o’clock leap year indicator and 6 o’clock moon phase indicator to complete the appearance of the dial. For permanent calendars, this is a very unusual dial configuration, but it is very clear. In fact, it is easier to read than the traditional three-point dial configuration.

Caliber 324 S QR is not a reference Patek Philippe Replica the unique, currently in the other two hundred Tuke line also has a very similar dial layout, but the style and personality are quite different. References 5159 and 5160 are more traditional models and are official watches, which means that they have an articulated lid on the back of the watch. Other touches, such as long earrings, smaller 38mm case, Roman numerals and treasure figures are added to look less modern.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches has a white case, the shell size with the previous version remain unchanged at 39.5mm, waterproof at 30 meters to keep the straight ears slightly bent to get better wearing comfort, and watch provided A choice of solid or transparent sapphire crystal case. For the strap, it is a hand-stitched brown crocodile, specially selected square scales, with a natural uniform appearance.

Patek Philippe Calendar 5496P-015 has an elegant satin silver dial, the application of gold mark and big finger. Moon phase hole also has a golden accent. It’s hard to see from the photo, but the highlight must be the superb hour mark and hand. It shines bright, sparkling, even if the lighting conditions are poor, but also make time readable. The date stamp of the application also adds a sense of depth to the dial. Everything looks absolutely impeccable, Cheap Replica Watches not surprisingly, when you take into account the fact that from a well-known high-end luxury watch brand to get the watch six digits.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches uses one of the most difficult and exclusive complications of the watchmaking industry and adds a trace of fresh air, clear lines, a clear and useful dial pad, not busy or messy, and all included in the most The hidden wealth of the metal is platinum. 39.5 mm wide size is the perfect choice for contemporary wearers, will not promote the brand heritage of the limit.