Patek Philippe Replica Watches For Sale

Angular and rather large, the dauphine hands aren’t a natural fit for the Breguet numeral dial, though the result is still handsome, albeit modern looking rather than strictly classical. Being wide at their base, the Patek Philippe Replica Watches hour and minute hands cover the top of the 24-hour sub-dial at six o’clock over several hours over a day; though the 24-hour indicator has limited utility.

Up close, however, both dials are beautifully detailed. The new Patek Philippe $20 Replica Watches Annual Calendar is available in two guises, white gold as the ref. 5396G-014 and the rose gold ref. 5396G-012.

The dial on the white gold Patek Philippe Replica Watches AAA model is a medium grey with a metallic, sun-ray brushed finish, giving it a restrained appearance. While the dial disc is brass, the applied numerals and spherical minute markers are 18k white gold, as are the hands. The 24-hour indicator at six o’clock sits on a crisply recessed track that gives the entire dial a bit of depth.

Dials aside, both are identical to earlier versions of the ref. 5396. Typical of a Patek Philippe, the case is streamlined and elegant, being 38.5mm wide and a slim 11.2mm high.

Take for instance the perlage, or circular graining, around the Replica Watches Made In China central axis of the rotor. It’s correctly applied with the outer edge of each circle just touching the centre of the next. But because the size of the circles are relatively large, the final circle does not overlap the first one.