Patek Philippe Replica Watches Hands-On

5130G is a very classic Patek Philippe Replica Watches, looks absolutely watch fans are recognized. World time is characterized by a characteristic complication in the Patek Philippe family. Other high-end brands of course have their own dual-disc world time function version, but many people think that the interpretation of Patek Philippe is the current gold bars.

5130G is usually used in a strap, but I can use a new version of the metal bracelet to experience. This model has 18k white gold case and bracelet, more specifically referred to as 5130 / 1G. I am a big fan of watch watches, and today they are more rare than ever seen new watches. In addition to the very popular Cheap Patek Philippe Replica, in the bracelet to find Patek Philippe watches are very rare. So think that this model is a rare and unique view that you will not often see.

5130G is within the Patek Philippe internal manufacturing caliber 240 Hu automatic movement. The slender movement is only 3.88 mm thick and uses a micro-rotor to keep the slim silhouette. The miniature rotor is made of 22k gold and is powered for 48 hours. Please pay attention to the Patek Philippe Replica balance wheel. Movement provides time and world time function. Once you have learned how to use it, this piece makes a very comfortable traveler’s watch.

Please note that the dial has a traditional hour and minute hand, and a city ring and a 24 hour ring. The putter on the left side of the box is used to push the hour hand in 1 hour increments to set the time for local travel. This can also be adjusted by the city ring so that your local time zone reference city will be displayed at 12 o’clock. The middle 24-hour ring is used to tell the time around the Cheap Replica Watches world based on your local time zone. That was at 10 am in London, then you can look at the ring and note that it is 2 o’clock in Los Angeles.

Patek Philippe offers an exhibition panel window that shows your movement view, which is not what you find in all the works. 240 H typical Patek Philippe Replica Watches fashion decoration is very good. On the dial, you have a short time, but readability is still vital. The hand is easy to see, the decorative inner dial is attractive. This symmetrical design of the dial style helps to increase its attractiveness. Given how long this dial design has existed, it also has a unique retro style.