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We showed you six new Patek Philippe replica watches china of handmade look of wristwatches from their regular catalog. Four of them were based on watches of enormous mechanical complexity, but what they all shared is the exceptional nature of the miniature handicrafts that were made on their case and / or dial.

Now comes the turn to write about the huge number of Exact replica watches, whether wrist, pocket or table, that Patek Philippe showed us and that are totally out of the regular production catalog.

Only one of these nine “Pendulettes” presented by Patek Philippe 1:1 replica watches does not fully fit with the title Los Dôme and the “cloisonné enamel,” since the artistic technique applied to it is enamel on Longwy earthenware.

The motif that decorates it, called «Ripples in black and white», is made using the “Grand Feu cloisonné” enamel technique. The partitions or screens that create the Swiss movement patek philippe replica watches geometric figures are made using the gold threads typical of the cloisonné technique, which in this case adds up to a cumulative length of 9.6 meters.

Each enamel plate requires approximately 9 firings in an oven at a temperature of 750 ° C. To make the contours of the tiles, the enameler uses 15.6 meters of 24 carat yellow gold wire.