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In addition to the pressure on manufacturing supply side, independent brands are facing the same pressure on sales and
marketing channels. Production of the watch, and ultimately have to sell through the transfer of funds, but if a brand
is not very popular with the market Cheap Replica Watches recognition, profit is not high, then the dealer will inevitably reduce the order.
Rolex is so many dealers rushing to become its agents, it is because selling Rolex money, very few Yahuo, even in the
case of recession, or someone to buy, than some other brands of the overall market sales pressure To be small.
Breitling I remember should be closed in 2015, it is in Beijing Qiaofufang grass flagship store, currently only a few
dealers in order to buy.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

In addition to Breitling, the independent watch brand also includes plum, Amy, Raymond Wei, Hao Li, Bo Lai Shi, Ruibao,
Chopin, Po Qi Lai, Boer, NOMOS, etc., Chopin and Baqi Lai In addition to watches and jewelry, as well as some other
business, so do not say. These brands we must admit that their watch is excellent, although most of the use is still to
ETA or SW movement-based, but both the design, creativity, quality, have their own advantages. There are also more and
more brands to introduce independent movement, or more advanced movement products to enhance the brand’s
competitiveness. But in the country, because the market and the group of the brand is not an order of magnitude,
exposure, event hot marketing, brand communication and other aspects is relatively small, people are not enough to
understand these brands, so only a small number of people for these brands Pay.

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In the sales channels, mainly rely on offline dealers, we are more common plum, Hao Li, Lei Mengwei, Boer, but Amy, Bo
Lai Shi, Ruibao, NOMOS and other Luxury Replica Watches brands are relatively rare, even in the Beijing is also only a few stores, in such a
situation, virtually increase the consumer’s purchase threshold.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

Here we are always sympathetic to these independent watchmaking brand, they have a cavity to keep the characteristics
of independent tabulation, to maintain its brand essence and freedom of creation, but also bear the upstream and
downstream of the two-way pressure, so they strive to do To independence, to get rid of the full reliance on the third
party, Rolex is their role model. In the past 30 years of marketization process, both the group or the independent
brand, have been in full time, made to adapt to the market choice, and therefore can not simply use who is wrong to the

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Fortunately, in such a we do not pursue you have I have some homogenization of the times, personality has been
constantly stressed that we are concerned about these brands. Bohr originated in the United States, is the end of the
19th century the United States one of the most important railway watch manufacturers, and adopted the Railway Bureau to
develop the railway table standard Swiss Replica Watches, witnessed the development of the US railways. Today, Boer still has a distinctive
tool table characteristics, rough design bold, very American style, and BMW’s cooperation and it injected a light
fashion sense. But everyone for Boer, the deepest impression may be its stunning luminous. Application of micro-self-
luminous gas lamp, Boer table is the night of the wizard.

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Cheap Replica Watches

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Hao Li also has a very distinctive American style, it looks very tough guy Feel. Howley in the 2014 brand founded the
occasion of the 110th anniversary of the launch of a 10-day power hand movement watch, stunning table altar. Hao Li,
whether it is a series of cultural Ye Hao, or Big Crown pilot watch Ye Hao, there are many very classic design, of
course, very military Hao Li history also made for Replica Watches China the army table, so many products, including diving series has a very
distinctive military style. More importantly, the price of Hao Li watch, concentrated in the 10,000 -3 million, is a
relatively close to everyone’s price.

Cheap Replica Watches
Cheap Replica Watches

Summary: the same stage with Boer, Howley, and Raymond Wei, Amy brand, Breitling is all these independent watch brands,
relatively speaking to do very successful, many people will be comparable Rolex, because they are solid as the primary
goal, have a distinctive brand characteristics, the price is relatively close. In a few years ago, Audemars Piguet has
rumors in contact with buyers, but the fact that in front of Audemars Piguet is still the love of Peter So, stick to
the beginning.