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Looking For Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Replica Watches

Since we are talking about Fake Patek Philippe Watches here, the number of production is quite low, this reference is now a very rare bird, we hope this bird is very collectible. While other Iron 5980 / 1A models are not uncommon, we would not be surprised if their prices have now climbed so much so that the demand for Patek boutiques is no longer sufficient, only in the secondary market. But for now, let’s take a look at the model that joined the Nautilus family in 2014, with the extra second time zone feature just like the above mentioned Patek Philippe Aquanaut, launched in 2011.

On the dial, we saw the chronograph at 6 o’clock, similar to the Aquanaut travel time, with a pointer date at the top of the dial. Date shows connecting to local time, this is your travel destination. When traveling, you can adjust forward or backward to follow the date in your time zone. There are two small holes on the left and right sides of the dial, showing both day and night in the local time zone and home time zone. The chronograph starts, stops and resets to zero on the left side of the case, like the Patek Philippe Replica Swiss Movement. If the old 5980 / 1A had a 60-minute and 12-hour measurement of elapsed time, the 5990 / 1A had only one 60-minute counter. Although you can not measure how long Intercontinental has flown, the changed cylinder is cleaner and easier to read. Plus pointer date register, this is a good thing.

To the left of the case are two facilitators, changing the local time zone as you travel. In terms of design, Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches performed very well here, because these buttons look like the typical nautilus “ears.” However, the addition of these products forced Patek to change the typical two-part case of the model to the traditional three-part case. Although the entire box structure has changed, but the diameter is still 40.5 mm, the box is still waterproof, reaching 120 meters. In addition, the overall case thickness is not larger than the thickness of 5980 12.6 mm. When we saw the first image, we “worried” that the watch would be too thick and too busy. After trying on our wrists, we are convinced that our fears are unfounded.

The Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph movement Swiss Watches has the same movement as its predecessor, however, with two additional modules in its time zone – again, using the same module while traveling on Aquanaut. Although the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph is an important part of the Nautilus collection, I miss 5980 / 1A due to its sporty style.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches Uses Lots of Silicon

Silicon for victory! Already there’s material for debate and experimentation with watch brands, where Patek Philippe is making sure. The news from the biggest names in Switzerland said they plan to have Silinvar parts on all Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches in the future. A new limited edition watch called reference. The 5550P uses the latest Silinvar components of this brand as the GyromaxSi balance. This balance wheel has a new shape that does not look like a wheel, more like an hour of glass inlaid gold to add weight. References The 5550P encapsulates the overall brand effort so far in the Silinvar study and has conducted three sports areas in Silinvar. Now, be prepared to remember some words.

Silinvar watch the three regions are GryomaxSi balance wheel, Pulsomax escapement and Spiromax balance spring. A few years ago, Patek Philippe Replica Watches first started using silicon parts using Spiromax balance springs. Today, their Advanced Research department continues to experiment with Silinvar and develop more parts.

The three new components involved in the conversion of the watch’s energy are called “Oscillomax.” The term is engraved on the balance cock of the Patek Philippe Replica Caliber 240 Q Si. 5550P watch. So, from now on, the Oscillomax label on the Patek Philippe watch will tell you that it has a GryomaxSi counterweight, a Pulsomax escapement, and a Spiromax hair spring. do you understand?

Although I have not shown any increase in the rating ratings for reliability, Patek Philippe does not have millions of dollars if there are no significant improvements or at least promises of major improvements. The report seems to indicate that the brand is very pleased with the results of the watch containing the Silinvar components. As I said, the brand is very interested in putting the Oscillomax on all new Cheap Replica Watches, at least they will put Spiromax’s hair in as many caliber as possible.

Literature 5550P Advanced Research Ultra-thin Perpetual Calendar may be out of stock. However, it will be made into a limited edition 300-piece platinum case with a width of 37.2 mm and a thickness of only 9 mm. This is the same reference. Replica Watches for sports save. How cool is the Patek Philippe with “advanced research” on the dial? These will surely become a serious collector’s project in the coming years! The back cover has a sapphire display window that looks magnified by the GryomaxSi balanced section so you can see it better. Although this is the most prominent Silinvar component, you can also see the parts of the Pulsomax escapement.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches is committed to such research and “promote” the traditional watchmaking process is indeed a very good thing. They can sit back and do exactly the same thing they did over the years, citing the importance and insisting on tradition. The use of silicon components has always been controversial, as brands tend to worry about the long-term production of parts and components, let alone their current work results. At present, the promise of using this material has quickly surpassed previous concerns. With the help of major brands, we can be certain that there will be sufficient knowledge and skills in the use of components and parts and technologies will still be available for the service of these watches for decades to come.