The Making Of A Patek Philippe Replica Watch

In 1989, Patek Philippe Replica created its own in-house minute repeater base caliber, the R 27, which serves as the starting point for all striking watches. Other letters are added to the caliber code that identify any additional complications.The R 27 refers to the striking function of the base caliber.

The rest of the code breaks down like this: TO = Tourbillon; QR = Perpetual Calendar; SID = Sidereal Time: LU = Moon Phase; CL = Celestial Time. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Other movements may refer to PS or GS. The R27 is an automatic movement with a micro-rotor made of 24k gold, off-centered to allow a view of the gongs through the caseback.

The process of creating a Patek repeater starts with the selection of an appropriate gong from a range of 21 classes. There are Swiss Replica Watches 20 operations involved just in making one gong which, like every one of the tiny 300-600 components used in a minute repeater, is finished by hand. The large third wheel in the gear train, for example, has spokes shaped to resemble a topping tool, a machine once used to cut wheel teeth.

This wheel alone goes through 20 different chamferings or filings, a process that takes 10 hours. After assembly, the Fake Patek Philippe Watches gongs are micro adjusted to deliver the perfect acoustics, and may be disassembled and reassembled by the watchmaker several times over a period of several weeks. The correct sound hinges on a check list of factors, including the rhythm of the chiming sequence, and the speed at which the hammers hit the gongs.