Two New Complications From Patek Philippe Replica

Replica Patek Philippe’s new movement of Calatrava, the automatic movement 26-330 S C J SE, is Patek Philippe’s first weekly calendar, a complex function that displays the number of weeks in the corresponding month. This feature is very useful for production planning in many industries, from printing and publishing to manufacturing.
The Ref.5212-A debuts in the classic Replica Watches For Man line, in a slim 40 mm wide x 10.79 mm case in stainless steel rather than gold or platinum, which are more often used by Patek to introduce new complications. The 5212-A is the only steel Calatrava in Patek Philippe’s current collection, which makes it more accessible.
The Alarm Travel Time Ref. 5520P contains another new complication, an alarm function driven by a hammer and gong. In other mechanical alarm functions, the alarm is driven by what’s known as a “cricket” mechanism triggered by a cam. This one is driven by gong and hammer regulated by a governor, Patek Philippe Replica Watches which is exactly how a minute repeater functions, except that unlike a repeater, the gongs do not chime the time, but rather ring as a continuous melody for 30 seconds.
The fact that it is a 24-hour alarm rather than a 12-hour alarm also makes the movement more complicated – it is classified as a “grand complication” within Fake Patek Philippe Watches current collection. The alarm, which is linked to local time, can be triggered in 15-minute increments.